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Data Strategy, Architecture and Governance

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Phiro is a data consultancy that integrates Data Strategy, Architecture, Governance and Software Engineering to enable enterprises to thrive as modern data-driven businesses

We are Data Architects

We are Data Architects. Like a traditional architect designing a complex urban landscape we undertake to architect the entire data capability of your organisation in line with your business strategy.

We build a deep end-to-end understanding of why, how and what data is captured, integrated and exploited. This helps us to define a data supply chain that simultaneously supports the organisation in pursuit of its highest objectives and creates maximum value at each step.

This may be to support the launching of new products, to open up new markets or to support digitisation of the existing business. We excel at determining the right approach to transform your data architecture and governance model in any scenario.

We take a governance-first approach. That means initially establishing leadership and accountability and then building out a workflow that enables data assets to be managed and to evolve effectively. Before designing even a single component we define the fundamental truths of a data capture strategy, data integration, MI and analytics, master data, reference data, metadata and lineage and how they must work together to provide a bedrock for the enterprise.


We are a start-up but our collective experience spans decades working at the largest and most prestigious organisations.


Every day we learn more and more from the real-world challenges that we encounter. This leads continually to radical insights and new ways of thinking whilst we develop practical solutions for our clients. Here are some of the current themes that we are thinking about.